Keyword Research Service

Keyword Research Service

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To deliver an effective keyword research service understanding your customers is inescapable. When it comes to search marketing, knowing what your customers type into Google, Bing and Yahoo, is super-important.

The key word (no pun intended) in the above paragraph is ‘customers’. For many businesses, their websites can attract a wide range of visitors and many of those visitors might be only looking for information with no intention of buying.

So our research isn’t about keywords to make your Analytics numbers go up. We’re interested in which searches lead to sales, enquiries or other types of conversion; interactions that are important to your business. Ranking on the right keywords is often the difference between success or failure online.

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Keyword Analysis – the Basics

Targeting powerful effective keywords for different parts of the funnel begins with detailed keyword research. This keyword analysis is the foundation of success and vital for gaining new customers. Done correctly, this data helps your SEO, your pay per click, copywriters, website content and social media.

Why Choose Elevate for your Keyword Research Service?

  • Over a decade managing SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Advanced keyword research techniques and technologies to uncover the terms not readily available elsewhere
  • Comprehensive analysis of important metrics such as search volume, keyword value, commercial intent and competition
  • Straightforward, clear pricing

In short, Elevate provides you with full and comprehensive keyword research that you can use to target your customers at any point along the buying cycle.

Understanding The Search Term Demand Curve

Most new businesses think of keywords in terms of “I’d like to be No. 1 for ‘x’ term.

Effective keyword research has to consider.

  • What part of the buying cycle this keyword is addressing
  • Long tail or low traffic keyword strategies
  • What is the commercial intent behind the search
  • How expensive is it to target this keyword
  • What are the effects of competition on your likely success rate
  • What is the ROI potential

As you move further along the demand curve from simple single word keywords such as “mortgage” to a little more descriptive such as “find a mortgage’ competition often reduces and the keyword becomes more commercially valuable.

Elevate UK keyword research will expose long tail search terms such as “5 year fixed rate mortgage rates”. These keywords offer much greater commercial intent. They are nearer the end of the buying cycle and they are likely to convert better and yield better returns.

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Google AdWords PPC Testing?

Most new businesses target search terms without knowing which ones will convert. This generally results in:

  • A poor return on investment
  • Disillusionment with online advertising
  • or where an SEO service is employed, loss of trust in the SEO services being provided.

Testing potential keywords via a targeted AdWords campaign before going live with a full-blown SEO strategy has the benefit of delivering good solid conversion data so that you can calculate the keyword value prior to investing in Off-Site SEO.


If a PPC search ad generated 4,000 impressions in 24 hours of which 100 visitors came to your site and 3 converted for a nett profit of £300, then a single visitor for that keyword is worth £3 to your business. Those 4,000 impressions in 24 hours could generate a click-through rate of between 10-36% with a number 1 Google ranking.

Likewise, if no conversions are recorded, you save yourself the lost investment in chasing search terms that do not ultimately provide a return.

How Do I Get a Quote for Keyword Research?

To find out more about Elevate’s Advanced Keyword Research service simply complete the enquiry form to the right or call us free on 020 7898 3234

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