2606, 2019

Top Five Ways to Improve Your PPC Services

Best PPC Services

For a digital marketing agency, offering PPC services requires careful thought and also a well-established robust strategy. To set up PPC accounts correctly and manage them well need many checks and balances. In this article, we outline what we think are the most important.

PPC Services - understanding

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? But, surprisingly, many agencies give this very little attention. If they even do think about it properly it’s left until after the keyword research is complete. Sometimes it’s not done until after ads are written. There is a […]

202, 2017

Banish Your AdWords Excuses And Get Results

AdWords is one of the most rewarding digital marketing methods that a business could use. But despite this many businesses avoid it, and the excuses used are pretty common. Fear is to blame for most of these misconceptions, which include:

“We tried it and it doesn’t work”
“It’s like gambling – the house always wins”
“It’s only for big players with deep pockets”

None of the above myths are true, but we aren’t surprised that they exist. For the uninitiated, AdWords can seem incredibly complex and confusing, when in reality it just requires a deeper understanding of the process and the benefits. So many […]

2010, 2015

Top Ten Myths of Google AdWords Marketing

Over the years we’ve collected a number of regularly used phrases from clients, agencies and strategic partners in the digital marketing world. We thought we’d share some with you below. They all have some truth in them – but only some.

“We tried it and it doesn’t work”

“If I pay more I will get more traffic, leads, sales”

“Once set up it pretty much takes care of itself”

“It’s a level playing field for all businesses”

“Google will help you succeed”

“Anyone can do it”

“My keywords are what people search for”

“It’s like gambling – the house always wins”

“It’s only for big players with deep pockets”

“Google […]