1009, 2016

Quality Score Declines & Mobile Devices

In the world of AdWords management Google’s keyword Quality Score strikes fear into the hearts, of even the most experienced practitioners of the dark art.

How is Quality Score Calculated?

QS is a number from 1 to 10. Google calculates this a combined assessment of three elements of your advertising:

  • Expected keyword Click-Through Rate – how well Google assesses your ad to be clicked
  • Ad Relevance – how relevant your ad is to your keyword
  • Landing Page Experience – a short explanation isn’t possible

A score of 10 is very good and keeps your click costs nice and low. A score of 1 […]

1009, 2016

Creating Precise & Successful PPC Brand Advertising

We all know that in simple terms brand marketing is a process of keeping buyers aware of your business so they buy more.

Unless your¬†business or charity is a giant of the corporate world, you might only be known locally, or your name might be recognisable to a select group. Often the vast majority of possible customers have either completely forgotten or perhaps don’t even know you exist.

Aims of Brand campaigns

Brand marketing influences the decisions of buyers, often at a sub-conscious level. Think about famous brands you know and buy from and you almost certainly have positive, and sometimes negative, memories […]