Creating Precise & Successful PPC Brand Advertising

Creating Precise & Successful PPC Brand Advertising


We all know that in simple terms brand marketing is a process of keeping buyers aware of your business so they buy more.

Unless your business or charity is a giant of the corporate world, you might only be known locally, or your name might be recognisable to a select group. Often the vast majority of possible customers have either completely forgotten or perhaps don’t even know you exist.

Aims of Brand campaigns

Brand marketing influences the decisions of buyers, often at a sub-conscious level. Think about famous brands you know and buy from and you almost certainly have positive, and sometimes negative, memories linked to the brand. This will include feelings, images and sounds such as jingles or perhaps a voice. Touch, taste and smell can also be involved. For instance the feel of a brand of clothing, or the interior of a car, food, drinks or fragrances.

These days time is precious so buyers might just need to remember the name of a business, providing something they need. Getting it off the to-do list could be the biggest motivation.

Latest Search Engine Advances

The Google’s network now offers an unprecedented opportunity to advertise a brand very cost-effectively. This is achieved firstly, by targeting only those with an interest in what you have to offer. These days the search engine and social networks track behavior anonymously using very sophisticated techniques. With an understanding of how to tap into this, you can promote your brand very accurately to groups of buyers looking for what you have to offer.

A Great List is Not Enough

What’s also needed is careful management of advertising placements to prevent wasted budget. Optimisation based on locations, devices, time of day and Google Analytics then further reduces costs  dramatically. So now for a few Pounds a day you can make giant strides in terms of getting buyers to know who you are and what your company is about.

Tips to Win at Brand Advertising

What you need to successfully develop brand remarketing. Here are some of the main ingredients:

  • There is no substitute for experience. Expert consultants who’ve done this many, many times understand how to extract the most from campaigns without annoyance.
  • Research, research, research – it’s vital that you fully understand your brand, products and services, your target audience, the emotions you want to create and what works for other channels
  • Monitor results and make sure you’re spending at least 90% of your budget wisely. The 10% could give you insights into bigger and better ways to proceed.
  • Keep a close eye on analytics data, monitor placements performance to avoid wasting click costs on no-hope websites.
  • Split test your ads until you have a statistical winner, then go again
  • Experienced professional designers to create your banner ads.
  • Video can be used very effectively to promote your brand

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