Top Five Ways to Improve Your PPC Services

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1. Best PPC Services

For a digital marketing agency, offering PPC services requires careful thought and also a well-established robust strategy. To set up PPC accounts correctly and manage them well need many checks and balances. In this article, we outline what we think are the most important.

“We would definitely recommend them to anybody looking to venture into Google advertising.”

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2. Track Everything – Find the ROI

Google Analytics for all its UX clunkiness really is your friend. We like to create conversion goals that include the main objectives such as transactions or leads but also every micro-conversion leading up to that. This could be a tap on a phone number on a smartphone or click an email link, request a brochure or download a whitepaper. Any interaction that suggests a prospective customer is worth recording. Provided the rules of statistics and common sense are applied, this data allows you to optimize ad copy, keywords used at various parts of the funnel, demographics, geographics, device bidding and more.

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3. Produce Ads Carefully and Split Test

You may be the rare amazing copywriter who always delivers stunning, powerful high CTR, high conversion rate ads every time. If you are you might want to skip this section. Although most experienced copywriters produce at least reasonable results most of the time, it doesn’t always happen and rarely does anyone write their best ad straight off-the-bat, the first time around. Going back to the first tip above and using this detailed understanding of the client’s proposition, USPs, features and benefits, it’s possible to start assembling important compelling and persuasive copy.

4. Landing Pages Make or Break PPC Services

We’ve all visited hundreds of websites that left us unimpressed, confused, annoyed or waiting for something to download. It’s critical to test the page both technically and also in terms of its ability to convert. These days you have milliseconds to deliver your landing page, grab attention and confirm that this is the page a new customer has been waiting for all her or his life.


Not potential reach.

5. Automate Campaign Optimisation

Sadly, gone are the days where five minutes of fiddling around with a Google Ads campaign every couple of weeks is all you need to keep the leads and online sales flowing. Competition is ever-present for every type of business and if you aren’t doing everything possible to help your odds, you can bet your boots your competitors are taking a large chunk of what could be or was yours.