Creative Cables – eCommerce

Creative Cables

Vertical/Industry – Electrical cables and fittings
Geographic Region – Global
Services – Google Shopping / Google Ads Management / Google Merchant Center / Content Marketing / Facebook PPC

The Challenge

Creative Cables is a dynamic Italian company and the world’s largest supplier of fabric cables. With its head office in Torino, Creative Cables’ marketing team were keen to find a UK digital marketing agency capable of providing a one-stop shop for consultancy, pay per click management and search engine optimisation.

A PPC audit revealed campaigns set up for speed and low maintenance with very few keywords and a Google Shopping campaign set up with a single ad group containing approximately 10,000 products. This meant the quality of traffic was not ideal.

A number of issues were with the Merchant Center feed were quickly identified and resolved and a new Shopping campaign set up with a separate ad group for each product. This approach allows precise sculpting of search traffic ensuring much-improved relevance, CTR and conversion. The search reports were carefully analysed to identify keyword opportunities and new standard search campaigns set up with several thousand long tail keywords each with a unique ad.

The initial SEO strategy includes, extensive link evaluation and Google disavow to improve the link profile, structural changes to the website navigation with 301 redirects, a new content strategy for new and existing products and journalist-written external posts on carefully selected high-authority blogs.


A target increase in return on ad spend from


Sales from advertising up of 132% in 60 days
PPC sales up 404% in six months
Return on advertising spend up 76% in 60 days
Year on year return on advertising spend up 201% in six months
Paid traffic up 69% in 60 days
New users up 49% in 60 days
Bounce rate down 23% in 60 days
Pages per session up 36% in 60 days
Time on site up 38% in 60 days
Now taken over management of US, France, Belgium & Spain regions
Creative-Cables France hit our record ROI of 1,112%, Belgium just below that at 1,045%

Mood Media

Mood Media SEO Case Study

Vertical/Industry – Media/Experiential Design & Marketing
Geographic Region – Global
Services – SEO / Content Marketing / eCommerce Website Development

The Challenge

With offices in 80 countries around the globe, Mood Media is the world leader in instore sensory marketing. In 2017 the company was changing rapidly but noticed they were ranking very low in Google for many important searches.

An SEO audit revealed many of the usual issues such as links that were not helping the website and a number of issues with the website landing pages.

A link disavow was implemented followed by a two-year program designed to create improve on-page content, repair and develop the backlink profile, improve Trust flow and Citation flow and position Mood’s rankings to reflect the company’s stature in their industry.


Move a pre-agreed representative list of relevant keywords from their current rankings to as high on page 1 as possible. Here are the results.


Search Terms Starting Rank Current Rank
In Store Music >50 1
Instore Music > 50 1
Retail Music service >50 4
In Store Media 40 3
Instore Media >50 3
Retail Background Music >50 12
Music For Business >50 6
Background Music in Shops >50 9
Scent Marketing 22 3
In Store Scent 32 37
Digital Signage >50 10
Digital Signage Solutions >50 5
Retail Signage >50 49


The Dry Drinker – eCommerce

The Dry Drinker

Vertical/Industry – Food and Drink
Geographic Region – UK and USA
Services – Google Shopping / Google Ads Management / Google Merchant Center

The Challenge

The Dry Drinker is the UK’s biggest supplier of non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks.

Elevate UK was selected to take over management of this client’s Google ads marketing from another agency well-known in the industry. The primary task agreed was to increase profitability in the face of intense competition from large supermarkets moving further into this space.

The strategy adopted included improving campaign organisation followed by building four new Google Shopping and four new standard search campaigns targeting types of drinks both generically and by brand and by search priority. Shopping campaigns use single product ad groups to ensure very precise relevance between the search and the products on sale. Similarly, search campaigns employ single keyword ad groups. Although this can appear to be a complex set-up, the campaigns are managed using software developed by Elevate to keep this manageable.


Although no specific aims were set by the client, we believed that a twofold increase in return on advertising spend was possible. Close to a 3x improvement was achieved in only two months.


Number of sales up 121% in 60 days, up 158% in 180 days
Revenue up 127% in 60 days, up 207% in 180 days
Total return on advertising spend up 197% in 60 days, up 232% in 180 days
ROAS Google Shopping up 88% in 60 days, up 103% in 180 days

DNV GL Business Assurance – Lead Generation


Vertical/Industry – Glocal Business Assurance
Geographic Region – Worldwide
Services – PPC / Search & Display Network

The Challenge

DNV GL is a wordwide company based in over 100 countries. The company enables organisations to advance both safety and sustainability.

Elevate UK was recruited to improve the performance of its Google paid search marketing, to increase the number of leads and in particular quote requests for IS0 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification and training.

The process required the building of new campaigns from the ground up. Search campaigns were constructed with several thousand keyword-specific ads to improve relevance. Search campaigns we separated into two categories. Firstly, high-volume lower commercial value search campaigns with in-house bid management focusing on traffic rather than ranking or impression share. High commercial value keyword campaigns focusing on traffic further down the buying funnel were set up with correspondingly higher automated bidding.

The search campaigns are heavily supported both by search remarketing traffic, driving returning visitors directly to quote request forms and aggressive Display remarketing promoting a multitude of services and strong branding.


Aims included a target of a threefold increase in quote request leads with no loss in the number of other enquiries, and the addition of new campaigns for a number of additional services.


Increase of 110% in leads in 60 days
Improvement of 178% in quote requests in 60 days
Rise of 116% in quote requests adjusted for spend (60 days)
Uplift of 62% in other leads  adjusted for spend (60 days)

IDT – Global VoIP Connectivity at Market Leading rates

Vertical/Industry – Wholesale Voice Termination
Geographic Region – Worldwide
Services – PPC / SEO

The Challenge

IDT is a large global telecoms provider offering services in over 40 countries around the world. Elevate UK was initially enlisted to manage content marketing for their IDT Express products, in this highly technical space.

Following the initial success of the organic work, IDT asked Elevate to audit their Google AdWords account. This revealed a number of large opportunities to substantially increase account performance. There followed a restructuring and rebuilding campaigns to replace most of the campaigns, while at the same time, maintaining and improving on the healthy parts of some of the existing campaigns. Results achieved so far in just two months have far exceeded expectations.


The aims for the content marketing strategy included improve rankings on high-value keywords, increase traffic and conversions generally. Within two months of starting the project, organic traffic was up substantially year-on-year with no drop in conversion rate.


AdWords traffic up 110% in 60 days
AdWords PPC sign ups up 213% in 60 days
Estimated ROI on AdWords signups up 178% in 60 days
Organic new users up by 138% year on year in 60 days

Teamo Sports Team Management App

Google Ads for app marketing

Vertical/Industry – Sports Coaching
Geographic Region – Wordwide
Services – PPC (Universal App Campaigns)

The Challenge

Teamo is a cutting edge app for sports clubs and team management. The combination of a great app and Elevate’s experience with Google Ads app marketing and other ppc for advertising apps, meant that results were strong from the gate. After several months of making only minor gains in conversion rate and CPA, a new approach was needed to overcome some of the limits imposed by the great, but very tied-down, Universal App campaigns. Testing a multi-campaign approach, using each campaign to attract related but different segments of the whole audience was the key to unlocking some very pleasing gains in results.


About a month after starting the project, CPI achieved was just above £3. A month later, using every trick in the agency’s arsenal, CPI was down to the £2 mark where it more or less stubbornly stayed for the next nine months. A target of £1 CPI would bring the app to close to around the performance of the agency’s best performing PPC app campaigns.


Here are the results after just six weeks running with the new strategy.

Increase of 661% conversion rate
Decrease of CPI of 48% to £1.12
Increase in installs of 52%
Decrease in advertising spend of 15%

Anonymous – High End Bespoke Merchandise – Lead Generation

bespoke art

Vertical/Industry – Art
Geographic Region – Worldwide
Services – PPC / SEO

The Challenge

Client details available on request. This is a long term case study of a client designing and manufacturing high-value artistic prooducts for homes or businesses in Europe, the Middle East and hotspots in the US such as New York and Florida.
The case study shows the improvement in results year on year with a small dip in ROI following a threefold increase in budget.


The aim of the project was to increase profitability by reducing cost-per-lead and closely monitoring search quality to maintain high commercial value search.


Previous year budget £22K
Year 1: Budget £13K, Cost per lead down 33%, estimated ROI up 201%, lead volume up 8%
Year 2: Budget £47K, Cost per lead up 7% from start, estimated ROI up 168% since start, lead volume up 460% since start
Year 3: Budget £30K, Cost per lead down 50% from start, estimated ROI up 228% since start, lead volume up 340% since start

Clikd An Innovative Dating App Start-up

Clikd Dating App

Vertical/Industry – Dating
Geographic Region – UK Currently
Services – PPC (Universal App Campaigns)

The Challenge

Innovative dating app start-up, Clikd, set up Google advertising using the search engine’s own app specialists.. Clikd found the cost per install (CPI) achieved of £4 just wasn’t competitive in comparison to the equivalent Facebook campaigns. This year Google launched its Universal app campaign. The settings for UAC campaigns are largely under Google’s control so for example  there is literally no obvious option for split testing demographics, ideas for new banners, YouTube videos or ad copy.


Elevate UK was hired to help improve the CPI. The target was to attempt to match Facebook PPC CPI of around £2.


After 2-3 months we were able to reduce CPI to £1.21, a 233% increase in performance compared to Google-managed. This was achieved by approaching split testing creatively through the use multiple campaigns targeting different but equivalent sets of locations. The campaigns then do not interfere with each other but allow the rapid testing of ideas.

Sportplan – Worlds largest provider of online sports coaching, used by over 60,000 coaches worldwide


Vertical/Industry – Sports Coaching
Geographic Region – Worldwide
Services – PPC / SEO

The Challenge

Sportplan approached Elevate UK looking to see how performance could be improved on their existing PPC campaigns, and to test outsourcing PPC management


After initial audit Elevate UK was commissioned to restructure and provide ongoing ppc management, and develop a successful SEO strategy. The aims were to maximise AdWords ROI by improving conversion rates, and traffic quality, and increase organic search volume without reducing conversion.


AdWords conversion rate up by 113% year on year
Estimated ROI on signups up 136%
Cost per visit down 14%
Organic traffic up by over 260,000 visits over a 15 month period vs previous period
Subscriptions through organic traffic up by close to 8,000 during the same period

Anonymous Home Cinema Retailer

eCommerce Website

Vertical/Industry – Retail
Geographic Region – UK
Services – PPC / Shopping

The Challenge

We were approached to provide Google AdWords marketing for a startup business running a WordPress / WooCommerce powered website. Merchandise is mainly high-end, large 4K TVs.

Two Google Shopping campaigns are used – one filtering out lower value search, with higher bidding. The other, filters out more commercially valuable search queries, with lower CPC settings. Bespoke bid management software controls bidding on individual products, depending on performance. A brand search campaign captures those coming for a second look. A standard search campaign, using only exact match keywords and advertising prices, supports the Shopping campaigns. A dynamic remarketing campaign targets previous visitors to the website, very effectively supporting the bulk of the traffic coming from the shopping campaigns.


The merchandise was competitively priced from approximately £1,800 – £13,800. The initial target agreed was £50 cost per acquisition (sale).


Within only two weeks, sales averaged over £10,000 per day, with an advertising cost per sale of under £20.

Intelliflo – Leading IFA Practice Management Software


Vertical/Industry – Financial Services
Geographic Region – UK
Services – SEO / PPC / CRO

The Challenge

HgCapital, a leading European private equity investor in B2B technology companies, became a majority shareholder in Intelliflo in 2013 and brought with them a need to improve the online visibility of Intelliflo.

As a well established business receiving a good level of search traffic, Intelliflo had not previously undertaken any form of search marketing. Intelliflo approached Elevate UK to devise a comprehensive strategy to increase online visibility.


Specific targets were to increase unique website visitors by 20%+ per annum and increase leads for system demonstrations.


SEO – Organic Traffic up 110% over 18 months
PPC – 54% increase in PPC Traffic over 18 months with big improvements to conversion quality
System demonstrations up in line with traffic icreases

RightDrive – UK’s number 1 for low credit score car finance

RightDrive Car Finance Homepage

Vertical/Industry – Car Finance
Geographic Region – UK
Services – PPC / SEO / CRO

The Challenge

RightDrive provide cars for those who find it difficult to finance elsewhere. The market is highly competitive with typical click costs from £3-£10 and a number of companies in the same space with very large budgets. RD were managing sizable PPC campaigns in-house but due to many changes in Google’s software and the competition, ROI was declining.


The key aims agreed were 1) Reduce cost per application by 50% 2) Increase traffic by 30%, over a 12 month period.


Complete restructure of the PPC marketing was implemented with around 15,000 new keywords and 5,000 new unique ads created – to allow pinpoint alignment of visitor search with ad and landing page copy.  After 2-3 months the appearance of a new very large competitor resulted in a temporary spanner in the works. In spite of this after eight months results achieved are as follows:

Reduced average cost per visit by 19%
Increased overall conversion rate by 51%
Reduced the average cost per lead by 47%

Average number of visits has remained the same with additional budget diverted to organic SEO to provide more of a blended approach.

Exsportise – A Leading English language & music academy

Exsportise Website for Case Study

Vertical/Industry – Education, Sports Coaching, Art
Geographic Region – Global
Services – PPC / CRO

The Challenge

Exsportise was founded in 1988 with the aim of providing innovative English learning combined with music and arts for young people from Europe and North America.


The key aim was to generate large numbers of brochure requests and bookings over a three month period, with a relatively small budget. The campaigns used both the Google search network and Display advertising, targeting French, Spanish and English speakers in the EU.


Using a tried and tested mix of search, Display ads and Google Display Network remarketing, a high volume strategy delivered close to 24,000 visits to the website.

Click costs averaged £0.30 and conversion to registered interest, approximately 1,000 users (4%). We can’t disclose sales from this but as the courses cost around £1,000, and a sizeable percentage of clients send their kids again the following year, the campaigns were very successful.

Targeted Website Traffic: New users up year on year: 194%
Enquiries: Estimated increase year on year: 112%

Foundation Scotland – A leading Scottish Charity – £50M in donations.

Vertical & Industry Charity

Vertical/Industry – Charity
Geographic Region – Global
Services – Google AdWords Charity Grant Account

The Challenge

In 2015 Foundation Scotland was awarded a Google grant providing free advertising on the Google search network worth US$10,000 each month The agency we replace had set up campaigns to target opening a charity account. There are many restrictions on these accounts such as a £1.30 limit on bids, remarketing prohibited, Display Network prohibited, etc. When we started work FS had only managed to achieve a small fraction of traffic possible with the $10k budget.


The key aim was simple but also not an easy one – Generate as much high quality target as possible to secure donations and new account holders.


We revamped the marketing completely focusing on improvising click through rates, adding relevant keywords to the account and producing compelling ad copy. Results have been very impressive.

Increased free traffic to the website by 827%
Ad click through rates up by 123%
Improvement of ad search impressions 316%
Uplift in average ad ranking of 17%

Busch Vacuum – World leader of industrial vacuum technology


Vertical/Industry – Vacuum technology
Geographic Region – Worldwide
Services – PPC

The Challenge

Busch approached Elevate UK looking to see how performance could be improved on their existing PPC campaigns, as lead conversion costs were too high and insufficient leads being achieved for the PPC spend available.


After initial audit Elevate UK was commissioned to restructure and provide ongoing ppc management to improve performance within 3 months. Specific goals were to maximise budget by reducing CPA and increasing number of leads.


Reduced overall cost per visit by 44%
Increased conversion rate by 225%
Reduced the cost per lead by 83% within 30 days.

Co-Work – London’s highly exclusive and fastest expanding provider of shared office space

co-work site

Vertical/Industry – Office Space
Geographic Region – London UK
Services – PPC / CRO / Call Tracking / Visitor Intelligence

The Challenge

Co-Work approached Elevate UK with a requirement to generate a large number of leads that would support their expansion goals in an increasingly competitive market.available.


The target was to continually support an increasing number of locations and available desks, maintaining 90% occupancy year on year.


Traffic increased 330% over 2 years
Conversion rate increased 402% over the same period
Cost per lead reduced 76%

Key component in the growth from one location to six offices with almost 800 desks across London. To achieve these results we developed a bespoke landing page solution designed to create keyword specific content for over 2000 keywords.

Roccoborghese Chandeliers – Familiy run business since 1860 and arguably the world’s finest manufacturer of bespoke chandeliers.


Vertical/Industry – Lighting
Geographic Region – Worldwide
Services – PPC / Website Development

The Challenge

The business was running PPC marketing with a very low lead quality and poor ROI. Elevate UK was approached to improve ROI figures and lead quality through account optimisation and refocusing on high end clients.


Specific targets were to maximise ROI on a reduced budget whilst increasing leads, lead quality and ROI.


Cost per lead down 35%
Estimated ROI up 123%
Leads up 61%