Case Studies

Case Studies

Return on Ad Spend Up 201%

Creative Cables: A dynamic Italian company and the world’s largest supplier of fabric cables.

128% increase in quote requests in 60 days

DNV: A worldwide company enabling organisations to advance in both safety and sustainability.

Revenue up 97% in 60 days

The Dry Drinker: The Dry Drinker is the UK’s biggest supplier of non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks.

Eight High-Value Keywords From Page 5+ to Page 1

Mood Media: The world leader in instore sensory marketing.

New account sign ups up 213% in 60 days

IDT Express: A large global telecoms provider offering services in over 40 countries around the world.

661% increase in conversion rate in six weeks

Teamo: A cutting edge app for sports clubs and team management.

178% increase in ROI

High-End Bespoke Merchandise: Lead Generation. Details are available on request.

Organic New Users Up 260,000 in 15 Months

Sportplan: The worlds largest provider of online sports coaching, used by over 60,000 coaches worldwide.

73% Reduction in Cost Per Install

Clikd: An Innovative Dating App Start-up.

Organic traffic increased 112%

Intelliflo: The UK’s leading provider of Financial Adviser Software, used by more than 25,000 IFAs managing over £500 billion in assets.

Organic traffic increased 110%

Rightdrive: The UK’s number 1 choice for low credit score car finance.

112% increase in bookings

Exsportise: The UK’s leading provider of English language summer schools with sport, dance and music options.

Increased free traffic to the website by 827%

Foundation Scotland: A leading Scottish Charity distributing over £70m in donations to good causes.

Conversion Rate Up by 402%

Co-Work: London’s highly exclusive and fastest expanding provider of shared office space.

Cost per lead reduced by 83%

Busch: A world leader in vacuum technology.

Cost per sale reduced by 82% in 14 days

Home cinema supplier operating a high volume low margin philosophy.

Conversion Rate Up by 402%

Rocco Borghese: A family run business since 1860 and arguably the world’s finest manufacturer of bespoke chandeliers.