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The Challenge

Client details are available on request. This is a long-term case study of a client designing and manufacturing high-value artistic products for homes or businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and hotspots in the US such as New York and Florida.

The case study shows the improvement in results year on year with a small dip in ROI following a threefold increase in budget.


The initial focus with this customer was to reduce cost per lead while closely monitoring search and traffic quality so that the quality of leads improved. The specific aim was to increase HubSpot identified return on ad spend by 35%, and maintain this during a 3X budget scale-up.

How We Did It

Due to the bespoke nature and high cost of the products this customer was not able to run a typical e-commerce store with published costs, so this excludes the Google Shopping channel.

To achieve the desired results, the initial focus was on improving the effectiveness of the advertising in generating high-quality leads. The website benefited from organic rankings for high commercial value keywords so a lot of emphasis was placed on leveraging this traffic. A key part of the strategy involved the use of Google Display Network remarketing campaigns aimed at reinforcing the message of uniqueness, exceptional quality, and collectibility, combined with offering up ads showing products related to the original search.

Ultimately, a large budget increase was not necessary as the advertising was soon working far more effectively. Testing further scale-up resulted in reduced lead quality.


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