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The Challenge

We were approached to provide Google Ads marketing for a startup business running a WordPress / WooCommerce-powered website. The main product offered was heavily discounted high-end, large screen size 4K TVs to acquire new customers. Normally start-ups are challenging and we often decline a partnership if we think there is risk of inability to scale or running out of funding. We have been asked not to share this customer’s name.  


The merchandise was competitively priced, from approximately £1,800 – £13,800. The initial target agreed was a 7X ROAS in 90 days, followed by a 6-month 10X goal. Google Shopping was the sole advertising channel so we were able to attribute total sales to total ad spend to properly assess performance. 


The first of our listed targets was achieved in only 14 days, with the 10X goal taking 2.5 months. 

How We Did It

Two Google Shopping campaigns are used – one filtering out lower value search, with higher bidding. The other, filters out more commercially valuable search queries, with lower CPC settings. Bespoke bid management software controls bidding on individual products, depending on performance. A brand search campaign captures those coming for a second look without a product search. A standard search campaign, using only exact match keywords and providing prices, supports the Shopping campaigns. A dynamic remarketing campaign targets previous visitors to the website, very effectively supporting the bulk of the traffic coming from the shopping campaigns.


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