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The Challenge

Busch approached Elevate UK looking to see how performance could be improved on their existing Google Ads campaigns, as lead conversion costs were too high and volume too low to make advertising cost-effective.


After an audit, Elevate UK was commissioned to restructure and provide ongoing PPC management to improve performance within three months. Specific goals were to a) reduce cost per lead by 25%, b) scale to double the number of leads at the lower CPA, and without losing quality, based on the company, the potential value of an order, and potential lifetime value (LTC) of the prospective customer. 

How We Did It

The strategy used for this customer had to take into account the highly customisable nature of the product inventory, and typically a need for detailed discussions regarding specification and suitability. So it was clear that running a Merchant Center data feed with Google Shopping or Performance Max campaigns, was not a viable option.

The campaign set-up created included low CPC top-of-funnel search campaigns targeting broader, more general keywords. This was combined with product category-specific campaigns. These campaigns target high commercial value keywords, at much higher CPCs but obviously with reduced volume.

Keeping in mind that new customer acquisition was the primary goal, in-house software managed the distribution of traffic across a wide geographic area, and across each of the campaigns, to focus on best-performing product sets and other segments such as time of day, demographics, and so on.

The tiered search campaigns were supported with Responsive Display ad campaigns for remarketing and a brand campaign set up to exclude previous visitors.


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