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The Challenge

Innovative dating app start-up, Clikd, set up Google advertising using the search engine’s own app specialists. The marketing team found the cost per install (CPI) achieved of £4 just wasn’t competitive in comparison to the equivalent Facebook campaigns.

“We used Elevate and they were excellent. Thoroughly professional, great expertise and insight into google and the market. Highly Recommended.”



Elevate UK was hired to help improve the CPI. The target was to attempt to match Facebook PPC CPI of around £2.


After three months CPI reduced to £1.21; a 233% increase in performance compared to the Google-managed set-up. 

How We Did It

Due to the limitations of app campaigns, there is little possibility of optimisation within the campaign. So we ran separate campaigns to split test ideas, ad copy, and campaign settings.

Campaign split testing was achieved by targeting geographically different but equivalent sets of locations across the United Kingdom. Although not a perfect test because theoretically some locations could be inherently better, approximately the 50 locations used should have evened out these variations. To check the results, the locations are reversed and the test repeated.

The high volume of traffic facilitates rapid delivery of statistically valid winners. This parallel approach eliminates seasonal factors.


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