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The Challenge

Co-Work approached Elevate UK with a requirement to generate a large number of leads that would support their expansion goals in an increasingly competitive market.


The aim was to find traffic and leads to support expansion in terms of the number of locations and available desks and maintain approximately 90% occupancy consistently throughout the year.

How We Did It

Co-work spaces tend to attract freelancers and up to ten-person small businesses. Typically these businesses or freelancers look for space that’s geographically close to the founder or consultant’s home. To minimise wasted advertising spend, the relatively precise geo-location targeting possible in Google Ads was deployed to keep campaigns focused on postcodes close to the individual co-work offices. Keywords specific to locations such as Islington or Shoreditch directed visitors to the North London or Tech City office, and so on. 

The set-up consisted of top-of-funnel Google Display Network campaigns targeting small business and freelancer audiences. Multi-tiered Google search campaigns,  created to target funnel position, deployed appropriate bidding to keep total click costs as low as possible.

The strategy delivered growth from one office in Putney to the addition of five offices in the West End and North London. The aim of 90% occupancy of 800 desks was successfully reached. To assist these results, a bespoke landing page solution was introduced, designed to create keyword-specific content for over 2000 relevant keywords. In other words, whatever the search, a specific dynamic landing page was presented to match that search. 


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