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The Challenge

DNV is a wordwide company based in over one hundred countries. The business enables organisations to advance both safety and sustainability through consultancy and certification. DNV customers tend to have a very high lifetime value, however, lead volume was low and the Google Ads marketing was not delivering the size and quality of prospect this customer was seeking.


Aims included a target of a threefold increase in quote request leads using cost-efficient scale-up to maintain or improve cost per lead. This would be achieved partly through advertising new services, not previously tested. Quality is assessed by recording the size of the business making contact and an approximate potential lifetime value (LTV) based on historic performance.

How We Did It

For a large global customer like this preparation goes to a different level. It’s vitally important to thoroughly research the services provided, compare the website with competitors, audit the existing marketing, and calculate the marketing efficiency ratio across all channels.

This initial research led to many minor improvements in the landing pages, mobile speed optimisation, conversion tracking, Analytics set-up, and so on. Tracking MER, helped to define benchmarks to assess advertising performance beyond clicks and conversions. 

With the groundwork properly implemented, a campaign strategy was defined. Each service had its own top of funnel search and remarketing campaign using English for keywords and ads. 

Multi-language campaigns targeting the main European languages were set up with high commercial value keywords.


On Outcomes.