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The Challenge

Exsportise was founded in 1988 with the aim of providing innovative English language learning, combined with music and arts for young people from Europe and North America. The company was experiencing a dip in sign-ups so the marketing team was experimenting with Google Ads and SEO to attempt to boost uptake. Success was eluding them so they contacted Elevate for help. 

“They showed great knowledge and professionalism and back up everything they do with sound evidence and results.”

Sanne van Asselt – Exsportise Limited


Bookings are very seasonal so the key aim was to increase total brochure requests by at least 100%, and bookings by at least 75% over a three-month period.

How We Did It

The set up required both the Google search network and Display advertising, targeting French, Spanish, Italian, and English speakers in the EU.

Using a tried and tested top and bottom of funnel mix of search, pure Display Network ads, and GDN remarketing yielded close to 24,000 visitors to the website during the three-month period, at a very low click cost. This high-volume stratified campaign structure resulted in beating expectations by a considerable amount. It also helped to build a much larger previous visitor audience to target for the following year.


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