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The Challenge

HgCapital, a leading European private equity investor in B2B technology companies, became a majority shareholder in Intelliflo and brought with them the need to improve online visibility of the new subsidiary.

“The service provided and response times are second to none.”



Specific targets were to increase unique website visitors by 20%+ per annum and increase leads for system demonstrations by 50%+



On Outcomes.

How We Did It

As a well established business receiving a good level of search traffic, Intelliflo had not previously undertaken any form of search marketing. Intelliflo was primarily interested in increasing visibility to relevant audiences, however, we insisted on a goal of increasing the volume and conversion rate of demos to prospects. 

With customers targeting high lifetime value leads, primary conversion goals such as lead forms, or phone contact can be relatively infrequent. To get around this it’s possible to examine engagement and how this correlates with enquiries, and demo bookings. Typically anyone seriously interested in a SAAS product spends a while visiting multiple pages, reading, scrolling and so on. By setting up 2-3 engagement conversions the amount of data is dramatically improved, 

For high value leads, top-of-funnel search campaigns to drive broader traffic at lower click costs, a brand campaign, and a Display Network remarketing campaign work well together, and did so for this customer. Customer Match was also successfully added to the mix. With GA4 it’s now possible to do much more with audiences and more sophisticated engagement conversions.