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The Challenge

Right Drive provide cars for those who find it difficult to finance elsewhere. The market is highly competitive with typical click costs from £3-£10 and a number of companies in the same space with very large budgets. RD were managing sizable PPC campaigns in-house but due to many changes in Google’s software and the competition, ROI was declining.


The key aims agreed were 1) Reduce cost per application by 50% 2) Increase traffic by 30%, over a 12 month period.


Complete restructure of the PPC marketing was implemented with around 15,000 new keywords and 5,000 new unique ads created – to allow pinpoint alignment of visitor search with ad and landing page copy.  After 2-3 months the appearance of a new very large competitor resulted in a temporary spanner in the works. In spite of this after eight months results achieved are as follows:

Average number of visits has remained the same with additional budget diverted to organic SEO to provide more of a blended approach.


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