Case Studies


An Innovative Dating App Start-up
  • Vertical/Industry – Dating
  • Geographic Region – UK Currently
  • Services – PPC (Universal App Campaigns)

The Challenge

Innovative dating app start-up, Clikd, set up Google advertising using the search engine’s own app specialists.. Clikd found the cost per install (CPI) achieved of £4 just wasn’t competitive in comparison to the equivalent Facebook campaigns. This year Google launched its Universal app campaign. The settings for UAC campaigns are largely under Google’s control so for example  there is literally no obvious option for split testing demographics, ideas for new banners, YouTube videos or ad copy.


Elevate UK was hired to help improve the CPI. The target was to attempt to match Facebook PPC CPI of around £2.


After 2-3 months we were able to reduce CPI to £1.21, a 233% increase in performance compared to Google-managed. This was achieved by approaching split testing creatively through the use multiple campaigns targeting different but equivalent sets of locations. The campaigns then do not interfere with each other but allow the rapid testing of ideas.

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