Case Studies

Creative Cables

A dynamic Italian company and the world’s largest supplier of fabric cables.
  • Vertical / Industry:  Electrical cables and fittings
  • Geographic Region – Global
  • Services – Google Shopping / Google Ads
  • Management / Google Merchant Center / Content Marketing / Facebook PPC

The Challenge

Creative Cables is a dynamic Italian company and the world’s largest supplier of fabric cables. With its head office in Torino, Creative Cables’ marketing team were keen to find a UK digital marketing agency capable of providing a one-stop shop for consultancy, pay per click management and search engine optimisation.

A PPC audit revealed campaigns set up for speed and low maintenance with very few keywords and a Google Shopping campaign set up with a single ad group containing approximately 10,000 products. This meant the quality of traffic was not ideal.

A number of issues were with the Merchant Center feed were quickly identified and resolved and a new Shopping campaign set up with a separate ad group for each product. This approach allows precise sculpting of search traffic ensuring much-improved relevance, CTR and conversion. The search reports were carefully analysed to identify keyword opportunities and new standard search campaigns set up with several thousand long tail keywords each with a unique ad.

The initial SEO strategy includes, extensive link evaluation and Google disavow to improve the link profile, structural changes to the website navigation with 301 redirects, a new content strategy for new and existing products and journalist-written external posts on carefully selected high-authority blogs.


A target increase in return on ad spend from


  • Sales from advertising up of 132% in 60 days
  • PPC sales up 404% in six months
  • Return on advertising spend up 76% in 60 days
  • Year on year return on advertising spend up 201% in six months
  • Paid traffic up 69% in 60 days
  • New users up 49% in 60 days
  • Bounce rate down 23% in 60 days
  • Pages per session up 36% in 60 days
  • Time on site up 38% in 60 days
  • Now taken over management of US, France, Belgium & Spain regions
  • Creative-Cables France hit our record ROI of 1,112%
  • Belgium just below that at 1,045%

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