Case Studies

Foundation Scotland

A leading Scottish Charity – £50M in donations.
  • Vertical/Industry – Charity
  • Geographic Region – Global
  • Services – Google AdWords Charity Grant Account

The Challenge

In 2015 Foundation Scotland was awarded a Google grant providing free advertising on the Google search network worth US$10,000 each month The agency we replace had set up campaigns to target opening a charity account. There are many restrictions on these accounts such as a £1.30 limit on bids, remarketing prohibited, Display Network prohibited, etc. When we started work FS had only managed to achieve a small fraction of traffic possible with the $10k budget.


The key aim was simple but also not an easy one – Generate as much high quality target as possible to secure donations and new account holders.


We revamped the marketing completely focusing on improvising click through rates, adding relevant keywords to the account and producing compelling ad copy. Results have been very impressive.

  • Increased free traffic to the website by 827%
  • Ad click through rates up by 123%
  • Improvement of ad search impressions 316%
  • Uplift in average ad ranking of 17%

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