Case Studies


Sports Team Management App
  • Vertical/Industry – Sports Coaching
  • Geographic Region – Wordwide
  • Services – PPC (Universal App Campaigns)

The Challenge

Teamo is a cutting edge app for sports clubs and team management. The combination of a great app and Elevate’s experience with Google Ads app marketing and other ppc for advertising apps, meant that results were strong from the gate. After several months of making only minor gains in conversion rate and CPA, a new approach was needed to overcome some of the limits imposed by the great, but very tied-down, Universal App campaigns. Testing a multi-campaign approach, using each campaign to attract related but different segments of the whole audience was the key to unlocking some very pleasing gains in results.


About a month after starting the project, CPI achieved was just above £3. A month later, using every trick in the agency’s arsenal, CPI was down to the £2 mark where it more or less stubbornly stayed for the next nine months. A target of £1 CPI would bring the app to close to around the performance of the agency’s best performing PPC app campaigns.


Here are the results after just six weeks running with the new strategy:

  • Increase of 661% conversion rate
  • Decrease of CPI of 48% to £1.12
  • Increase in installs of 52%
  • Decrease in advertising spend of 15%

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