Case Studies

The Dry Drinker

The Dry Drinker is the UK’s biggest supplier of non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks.
  • Industry:  Food and Drink
  • Region:  UK & USA
  • Services:  Google Shopping / Google Ads
  • Management: Google Merchant Center

The Challenge

Elevate UK was selected to take over management of this client’s Google ads marketing from another agency well-known in the industry. The primary task agreed was to increase profitability in the face of intense competition from large supermarkets moving further into this space.

The strategy adopted included improving campaign organisation followed by building four new Google Shopping and four new standard search campaigns targeting types of drinks both generically and by brand and by search priority. Shopping campaigns use single product ad groups to ensure very precise relevance between the search and the products on sale. Similarly, search campaigns employ single keyword ad groups. Although this can appear to be a complex set-up, the campaigns are managed using software developed by Elevate to keep this manageable.


Although no specific aims were set by the client, we believed that a twofold increase in return on advertising spend was possible. Close to a 3x improvement was achieved in only two months.


  • Sales: up 121% in 60 days, up 158% in 180 days
  • Revenue:  up 127% in 60 days, up 207% in 180 days
  • Total return on advertising spend:  up 197% in 60 days, up 232% in 180 days
  • ROAS Google Shopping:  up 88% in 60 days, up 103% in 180 days

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