Website Not Converting Well?

So you spend months and sometimes years going through the challenging process of launching your new website. Often in the attempt to please many stakeholders, it might look pretty (sometimes not), but where is the expected flood of new business?

We are amazed by how often lead generation and e-commerce websites do not have the vital components necessary to get results. Conversion rate optimisation is a fancy way of saying – turning more website visitors into customers – preferably high-quality long-term customers. Even when websites have all the correct ingredients necessary to convert, that’s rarely enough. CRO requires experience and experimentation, to adapt landing pages and websites successfully.

The Basics of CRO

The components of CRO are trust, competitiveness, and usability.

  • Do I, the visitor, trust your products and services based on what I see and read?
  • Is this a good deal based on the quality of your offering?
  • Can I get the information I want easily?
  • Can I contact you or buy without fuss?

The key to improving both conversion rate and also return on investment is proper testing. That’s testing performed without emotion, based on statistically valid data, and with as few variables as possible.

What we look at

Drastic changes are not needed all that often. For websites with relevant traffic, making small step-by-step changes can lead to quantum leaps in terms of conversion rates. We’ve seen websites where changing a call to action button boosts conversion by as much 43%. Here are some (not all) of the important elements:

  • Powerful compelling page title
  • Clear persuasive calls to action
  • Layout of text, images, buttons, forms
  • Copy with as near to a clear USP as possible
  • Relevance to the advertising
  • Colour scheme

Elevate UK Conversion Optimisation

The good news is at Elevate UK we include CRO consultancy with other services such as pay per click, AdWords management and SEO.  Where a website needs big changes we provide comprehensive audits and sensible estimates for website development work, with fast turnaround.

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