google display advertisingDisplay advertising captures the attention of customers using both text and visually appealing images, video and animation. Display advertising appears on web pages attracting something approaching 90% of all web traffic. The Google Display Network is truly massive and so represents an enormous opportunity to raise brand awareness. It can also provide high ROI direct response marketing.

Why Choose Elevate to Manage Your Display Network Advertising?

Google Display Advertising chart imageOver the last few years we’ve developed proven and robust strategies that really do help many businesses to capitalise on bringing display advertising into the mix. We have seen time and time again how a joined up approach using display advertising to new visitors, and remarketing to previous visitors, combined with search advertising and organic SEO really does pay.

Other reasons to choose us:

  • Advanced techniques and strategies to ensure great targeting of ads
  • Low budget Google Display Network Trials to limit initial exposure
  • We can create successful image ads for you at no extra cost
  • Very high success rate with remarketing display advertising campaigns

Why Use Google Display Network?

Google Display Network shell imageGoogle’s own research has demonstrated that a co-ordinated approach with display advertising is proven to help customers engage better on the search engines and search networks. Customers are significantly more likely to click a search ad if they’ve already been exposed to a display ad.

Google provides very advanced features for controlling costs and optimising advertising on the Google Display Network.

How do I Get a Quote for Display Advertising?

If you would like to know more about how Display Network advertising or to get a quote please use our form on the right of the page.