ppc account optimisationIs your PPC account really as profitable as it could be? Do you have a nagging feeling that you are wasting pots of money or could be doing a whole lot better than you are?

What is PPC Account Optimisation? Although Google does its best to suggest that AdWords is a simple tool that anyone with reasonable intelligence can fiddle about with for a couple of hours and get results, this is far from the reality. AdWords accounts that haven’t been professionally set up or managed and even those that Google’s own “specialists” set up are almost invariably badly damaging the profitability of the businesses they are supposed to be feeding.

Although success with AdWords can be incredibly rewarding financially, rarely does this happen without the skills of someone with literally thousands of hours logged setting up and managing PPC campaigns. The major challenge with AdWords and PPC is that if your competition know more than you, they can take away large chunks of your business through superior optimisation strategies.

AdWords Optimisation Options

adwords optimisationWe offer PPC Account and AdWords Optimisation as either a one-off account tune-up or ongoing if you prefer to hand over the work to someone you can trust.

If you or your staff are reasonably competent and experienced managing AdWords yourself the account tune-up with some instructions to help you keep it running well in the future could be exactly what’s needed. We can provide a straightforward and very competitive quote for PPC account optimisation.

If you don’t have the time, desire or experience to track and make amendments to the account on a regular basis then we recommend ongoing PPC optimisation or account management. To find out about costs for ongoing AdWords or PPC optimisation please contact us using the enquiry form on the right.