ppc servicesAt Elevate UK, we are specialists in advanced PPC Services. PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most powerful and most direct forms of marketing. Its success lies in the exact meeting of a need. Google searches now exceed well over 5 billion per day. That’s a very large number of people looking for goods and services of every type, shape and size as well as non-commercial searches.

PPC Search & Display Advertising

PPC is often divided into search marketing and display marketing.

With pay per click search marketing, the potential customer types a keyword into the search engine. The search is either a single word or a phrase and delivers related ads. The searcher then clicks the ppc ad, they find the most appealing.

Clicking the ad should take the visitor, to a relevant page where the searcher can find out more about a topic they are interested in. Depending on the aims of the marketing this could result in a purchase or sign-up, immediately or later.

PPC Search & Display AdvertisingDisplay marketing literally displays embedded PPC text, image, animated or video ads, related to the content of the webpage showing the ad. So the viewer sees an ad that may be of interest based on where they are on the web. For example, if your business offers health insurance, your ads could be placed next to articles on health. If you are an artist, a suitable placement could be an art related blog. For mobile users ads can appear on mobile websites or a relevant app. So rather than directly searching for something, the marketing is targeted according to the interests of the viewer.

Why Choose Elevate UK for Your PPC Services?

  • Over a decade experience managing PPC campaigns
  • Straightforward, clear pricing
  • 30 day maximum notice period
  • Commitment to constantly improve your returns
  • Advanced techniques and technologies
  • Website landing page optimisation included where possible
  • Unbeaten customer service – clients’ needs first
  • Committed to preventing wasted spend

looking for ppc services imaeUsing advanced proprietary techniques developed over many years Elevate specialises in outperforming competitors in both Google Search and Google Display Network marketing, as well as on Bing and Yahoo.

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