adwords training pie chartIf you would you like to run your own Google Ads campaigns or just understand it better then our AdWords training could be just the thing for you. Elevate UK provides a PPC training course designed for you from just £75 per hour.

Getting AdWords Training

Some of Google’s own advertising can seduce business owners and marketing managers into thinking that anyone can set up AdWords campaigns and this is true of course, anyone can. Listening to hundreds of businesses who’ve tried this with little knowledge or experience usually doesn’t result in the avalanche of profit expected. The majority give up on Google advertising after a few short weeks. This is in spite of competitors apparently successfully generating plenty of leads and sales, advertising similar products or services.

PPC Training

It’s our experience that managing Google Ads without the knowledge to do this effectively is a bit like giving the keys to a Ferrari to a 17-year-old. Search engine staff will help but their time is limited. AdWords support is not the same as professional training. Support is often provided by staff with little depth of knowledge and although usually, they’re very helpful they rarely have hands-on experience. Finally, it’s important to consider the primary motivation of the search engine is to increase its profits and not yours.

Google Ads Training Dots ChartWouldn’t it make sense to learn from people who manage AdWords accounts in real life? Trainers who manage accounts for client businesses who rely massively on pay per click marketing. If you’re setting up and managing your Google AdWords campaigns we can provide training that’s tailored specifically for your business. This is either at your premises, in one of our learning rooms or using screen share tuition.

We understand that some businesses would rather manage AdWords in-house and that’s why teaching is an integral part of the Elevate UK portfolio of services. If your account is managed by someone else, how helpful would it be to have a better understanding of the right questions to ask?

Why Choose Elevate UK for Google Ads Training

  • Google Certified Partner with over ten years of experience
  • We focus on your profits and help you avoid costly errors
  • You learn what you need to learn in a practical hands-on way
  • We use accelerated learning techniques to help you retain as much as possible
  • Learn in a way that suits you, either on your own computer or through demonstrations
  • We are skilled in all aspects of PPC management
  • We are fully up to speed with the latest developments

What can PPC Training Do for You?

PPC training specialistsElevate offers bespoke Google Ads Training  on a one-on-one basis using screen sharing, or we can visit your place of work and train as many of your staff as you would like. As no two businesses or people are the same our training does not take a one size fits all approach.

After carefully researching what you do, listening to your concerns, and assessing your AdWords account, we tailor your training specifically to your requirements.

Because we’ve had our heads inside Google’s AdWords software for more years also ran several businesses of our own, we know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes, trying to run your business and attract more customers.

PPC training will help you to:

  • manage your own account if you wish
  • understand what your PPC manager tells you
  • assess progress and understand the data
  • contribute to work carried out for you
  • make changes and optimize campaigns yourself

Modular Training Approach

Google AdWords Training CircleWe’ve given a lot of thought to the material we provide in our Google PPC Training. Subject matter is divided into structured and manageable modules that not only start with basic items such as setting up billing and naming, but also progress to items such as advanced software tools such as AdWords Editor.

It’s always a good idea to go back to basics which almost invariably helps. When we’re sure the foundation is correctly laid down we then only select and provide training modules that are relevant for you.

The AdWords training modules below are structured to build on each other using a layered approach that will gradually add greater levels of understanding and skill. Again our flexible approach means you can pick and choose what’s best and most appropriate for you.

Some businesses may need much more emphasis on one particular area. For example, you might wish to sell goods or services in another country where a different language is spoken. The following modules are here only as an example of what we can teach.



  • Overview of PPC Search and Display
  • Defining the Marketing Aims of Your Business
  • Controlling Your Budget
  • Competitor Analysis Made Easy
  • Why Google Loves Relevance
  • Website Optimisation and Landing Pages

Setting Up Google AdWords Campaigns

  • Account Set Up
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Opening Hours
  • Rotating Ads & Split Testing
  • Location Targeting & Language Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking Code

Building a Campaign

  • Account Structure; Campaigns & Ad Groups
  • Finding Great Keywords – Google Keyword Tool
  • Estimating Potential Traffic – Traffic Estimator Tool
  • How to Structure Campaigns so You Pay Less & Get More
  • Keyword Grouping & Ad Groups
  • Text Ad Basics and Requirements including Display and Final URLs
  • Previewing and Testing your Ads

Achieving Better Return On Investment

  • Keyword Match Types: Broad, Phrase, Exact
  • The Vital Importance of Negative Keywords
  • How to Use Reports to Make Life Easier
  • The Importance of Keyword Quality Score
  • Ad Extensions Overview
  • Sitelinks
  • Location Extensions
  • Mobile Ads and Call Extensions

Account Management & Optimisation

  • Understanding Data – CTR, CR, CPA, etc
  • Account and Campaign Performance Evaluation
  • Principles of Campaign Optimisation
  • Split Testing Keywords and Ads
  • Search Terms Report and Negative Keywords
  • Advanced Keyword Selection
  • Advanced Ad Copy Development
  • Invalid Clicks

Brand Awareness & Remarketing with Google Display Network

  • Google Display Network Overview
  • Google Display Text & Image Ads
  • Display Network (GDN) Keyword Targeting
  • GDN Placements
  • Remarketing on Display Network
  • Video Marketing


  • How to Get Effective Help from Google
  • Keyword, Ad or Landing Page Disapproval
  • Website Policy Issues
  • Limited By Budget
  • Ad Preview Tool
  • Low Quality Score Issues
  • Loss of Impression Share
  • Low Click Through Rates
  • Low Conversion Rates
  • Website Conversion
  • Google Analytics Integration

Advanced AdWords

  • AdWords Editor
  • Using spreadsheets to improve speed of set up and management
  • Managing Multiple Accounts via an MCC Account

For further information about bespoke AdWords training please contact us.