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Are you struggling to get to grips with Google Ads? Unimpressed with Skillshop or Udemy?  Why not learn from real-life PPC account managers? Our training is delivered by PPC managers actively managing at least a hundred live campaigns at any one time.

Your trainer has up-to-date skills and knowledge with Search, Display, Shopping, Performance Max, Video, Remarketing, and GA4.

From years of research and testing, find out what settings to use for best results, which strategies work, and which do not succeed, and how to use AI to supercharge your advertising. Remember, Google is focused on how much you spend; not how well your campaigns perform.

With our training, you will leave with strategies and tools that will save you countless hours and thousands in wasted advertising budget.

If you’re responsible for your Google Ads campaigns, our training is tailored to your business. We offer both Google Meet and classroom sessions.

As an agency, we recognise that some businesses prefer in-house Google Ads management. That’s why teaching is a vital part of Elevate UK’s service portfolio. Even if someone else manages your account, understanding the right questions to ask and discussing metrics knowledgeably can be invaluable.

Our training is affordable, flexible, and fully refundable if you’re not completely satisfied.

"The training we received was eye opening and led to a a dramatic difference in how we advertise and the number of leads."


Why Learn Google Ads?

It’s our experience that managing Google Ads without the knowledge to do this effectively is a bit like giving the keys to a Ferrari to a 17-year-old. Search engine support will help but their time is limited.

Google Ads support is also not the same as professional training. Support is often provided by staff with little depth of knowledge or hands-on experience. Finally, it’s important to consider the primary motivation of the search engine is to increase its profits and not yours.

As an agency we pride ourselves on cost-effective strategies to either keep advertising costs to the absolute minimum or to drive big gains in return on ad spend. 

As an agency, we take pride in cost-effective strategies that either minimize advertising expenses or maximize returns on ad spend.


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