mobile advertisingAccording to, back in 2014 mobile advertising topped $32 billion, making up 25% of global digital advertising spend. Today that figure is well over four times the spend and over 60% of the total. If you are serious about getting your message to your customers mobile really ought to be a major focus.

Why Choose Elevate for Mobile Advertising?

With mobile search marketing spending set to continue on its current trajectory emphasis on mobile is paramount.

Here’s why we are able to deliver powerful, effective, profitable mobile advertising:

  • Proven track record
  • Advanced Systems to ensure excellent conversion
  • Well developed mobile advertising strategies that work
  • Contextual mobile display network specialists
  • Click-to-Call mobile ad specialists

What can Mobile Advertising Do for You?

Mobile Advertising GraphMobile search and display ads work for these reasons

  • Highly targeted In-browser advertising
  • Target top grossing mobile apps
  • Device-specific targeting e.g. iPhone, iPad
  • Platform-specifc targeting – Android/iOS
  • Precise geo or location targeting through IP and network
  • Accurate segment targeting

Local Advertising

google mobile advertisingLocal advertising on smartphones is incredibly versatile, given that users are now able to engage with the world at all times in this way. The level of sophistication available now means particularly Google Ads are very far from a blunt tool. Using IP addresses and geo-location services ads can be served precisely to deliver services near where a user is when they search or use apps.

Global Advertising

Through the use of banners on mobile sites and apps, Elevate is able to allow you to successfully promote your services and products to hundreds of millions of mobile users on platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry across the globe. It is now quite literally possible to reach over 250 million people in over 200 countries.

local mobile advertisingTracking of such items as click-to-calls, downloads, sign-ups, purchases and even tweets means highly optimised campaigns with very efficient use of budgets..

If you would like a quote for mobile advertising or just have a question for us please contact us using either our quote form on the right of the page or visit the Contact page.