ppc auditLooking for a comprehensive free Google PPC audit. We provide the advanced audit, without obligation, to show you what can be achieved with professional management. We include all campaign types including search, display, retargeting, shopping and video.

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Why Choose Elevate for your PPC Audit?

Often clients come to us because something isn’t working well. Although pay-per-click is not always the best solution, in the majority of cases, there are issues that when addressed quickly turn things around. We follow a checklist of items designed to reveal how well an account is managed.

Although expertly set up automation can help, PPC management is often a labour-intensive process.  We will be able to find out quickly if corners are being cut, or, as is often the case, campaigns are set up for low a low maintenance approach, rather than focused on ROI.

If, like many companies, you’ve invested a great deal of time and expense on Google Ads PPC, Bing or Yahoo and you’re not getting the returns you think are possible, get in touch today and we’ll be able to help.

What Will the AdWords Audit Tell Me?

adwords auditThe items we examine during an audit are all important. We focus on keeping the cost of the individual clicks to a minimum and maximising conversion of those clicks to leads or sales. After reviewing your PPC campaigns we arrange a call to explain the findings. After the call we send you the report for your records.

Our audit checks the following and much more:

  • Are campaigns well organised?
  • Do you track all conversions correctly?
  • Are you targeting enough keywords?
  • How commercially valuable are your keywords?
  • Are you adding too many keywords to each ad group?
  • How are keyword match types handled?
  • Is ad copy compelling and well written?
  • Are you split testing ad variations?
  • Do ads, keywords and landing pages relate closely to each other?
  • Are you using features that lead to better results?
  • What features are you using that could damage performance?
  • Is Search Reports optimisation sufficient?
  • Are your bid strategies costing you money?
  • Is your location targeting and exclusion correctly set up?
  • Do you have sufficient numbers of negative keywords?
  • Are you excluding poor placements for Display ads?
  • Have you set up remarketing correctly?
  • Are you linking to Google Analytics?
  • Do performance issues such as low keyword quality score need reviewing?

The severity of items requiring attention varies from business to business. We’ve examined accounts where as much as 95% of the budget is completely wasted. It’s rare that savings of over 30% are not possible.

Advanced Pay Per Click Audit

advanced adwords healthcheckDeveloped for accounts with budgets over £10,000 each month, our Advanced PPC audit is recommended where the account is more complicated or critical in terms of potential losses if things are not correct. We request an outline of your objectives for the account and any specific issues you are experiencing.

The review takes a minimum of six hours. When complete we send you our PPC Audit report detailing where there may be issues and recommendations to correct any problems that may affect your overall objectives. We follow this up with a 30-60 minute telephone consultation to help you fully understand anything described in the report. The cost of an advanced PPC audit is £750 + VAT.

Large Account Audit

“adwordsDesigned for businesses running PPC accounts with larger budgets the Advanced Audit deals very effective with larger accounts or those with greater complexity. Clients are again asked to briefly list objectives for the campaigns and also any challenges they may be facing.

The account is given a minimum 12-hour review. A detailed Large Account PPC Audit report is provided including recommendations for future changes to the account. A follow-up one-hour telephone consultation is provided with screen sharing to explain any aspect of the report to the client. The cost of this audit is £1250 + VAT

How Do I Book an AdWords Audit or PPC Audit?

If you would like further information on our range of PPC Audit services please contact us using the enquiry form on the right.