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Looking for a PPC audit? We provide a free, comprehensive evaluation without obligation, to show you what can be achieved with professional management. We include all campaign types including search, social, display, retargeting, shopping and video.

For SEO please visit our Free SEO Audit page.

“These days we get many more, but more importantly, higher quality sales leads from Elevate’s Google search management and social media services.”

Rocco Borghese

What Will the PPC Audit Tell Me?

The items we examine during an audit are all important. We focus on keeping the cost of the individual clicks to a minimum and maximising conversion of those clicks to leads or sales. After reviewing your PPC campaigns we arrange a call to explain the findings. After the call we send you the report for your records.

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Advanced Pay Per Click Audit

Developed for accounts with budgets over £10,000 each month, our Advanced PPC audit is recommended where the account is more complicated or critical in terms of potential losses if things are not correct. We request an outline of your objectives for the account and any specific issues you are experiencing.


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