AdWords Pie GraphAdWords remarketing or retargeting is the process of using pay per click advertising to target previous visitors to a website. Visitors are tagged on the first visit then either re-advertised to on search or more usually ads are shown on other websites around the web. These spaces are known as display advertising networks.

Placements for remarketing ads usually do not relate to the ad, rather they display on a range of websites only to previous visitors.

A great deal of the success our clients have achieved in recent years is due to advanced remarketing strategies turbocharging their search and Display network campaigns.

Why does it work?

AdWords Bar Graph Remarketing if set up correctly works extremely well for the simple reason that few of us are decisive enough to make a purchase on our first trip to a website. We want to make sure we trust the website we visited, we want to make sure we get the best price, we want to make sure we want the large purple one rather than the medium red one.

So if you have to choose to advertise to someone new or someone who’s already been to your website, spent time looking around or perhaps even made it as far as the checkout, the previous visitor is usually a better prospect.

Without giving away our secrets, since Google AdWords remarketing was introduced back in 2010 we’ve refined our strategies again and again to get the best possible performance from these campaigns. We’ve tested every new remarketing feature that Google has introduced exhaustively to find out if it works or if it ends up costing clients more.

We use dynamic remarketing and visitor specific techniques to minimise annoyance and improve effectiveness.

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