google seo auditAt Elevate UK we offer all potential clients a free SEO audit to look for opportunities to drive customers to your landing pages.

Google is searched over 5 billion times every day in an inconceivable number of ways. Search engine optimisation allows businesses to tap into commercially valuable organic search.  The process of helping your website rank highly on terms that relate to what your organisation does is a complex one. An SEO audit will explain what to change to help your current rankings, in a way that generates sales and leads.

For PPC please visit our Free PPC Audit page.

We provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your organic search. This helps us to understand traffic to your website and why you may not be achieving your search marketing goals. Often websites experience dramatic changes in traffic as a result of either changes in search algorithms, because something was changed on your website or in the external link profle targeting your web pages.

Why Choose Elevate for Your SEO Audit?

Here are some reasons for choosing us

  • Close to 20 years hands-on SEO expertise
  • Access to the latest advanced auditing software
  • Fully up-to-date knowledge bank of latest trends
  • Free for websites with less than 10,000 visits per month
  • SEO audit tells you what needs to be done
  • We know that first page rankings are not enough
  • We know the black hat techniques that will spoil your efforts

What Goes into your SEO audit?

seo auditPerhaps the most important preliminary phase of any SEO audit is often overlooked. Elevate UK starts with listening to and fully understanding your marketing goals. Whether that’s a simple “Sell more widgets” or brand awareness or getting leads from potential customers, it is crucial to define this clearly. It’s also vital to understand that it’s not just about getting more traffic, but rather traffic that converts.

How Do I Book a Search Engine Optimisation Audit

To book an SEO Audit please contact us using the quick enquiry form on the right. Once received we will be in contact to discuss your requirements.